Understanding the Capabilities of PsiKick Batteryless Sensors

PsiKick is developing self-powered wireless sensing systems built upon our breakthroughs in ultra-low-power digital and RF circuit design. The extreme energy efficiency of our devices enables them to be powered without a battery, from a variety of harvested energy sources including indoor solar, thermal gradients, vibration, and radio waves. On this resource page, look for white papers, articles, videos and other content with more information about this groundbreaking technology.


How to Reduce the Hidden Costs and Dangers Lurking Throughout Your Steam System


Steam traps are critical components to many industrial environments, but the unfortunate truth is that steam traps leak energy, and many of them fail outright.

In this white paper, readers will learn the costs and risks inherent in every steam system and why two common “solutions” simply don’t solve the problem as well as they could. Finally, readers will learn about an easy-to-deploy, cost-effective solution: PsiKick’s continuous monitoring system that uses batteryless sensors to deliver real-time alerting through the cloud, without the need for manual inspection — ever.