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Shape the Future at PsiKick

We are the team that is enabling the Internet of Everything. PsiKick is home to the largest collection of engineers who are dedicated to redefining low power. We are upstarts, we are inventors, and we are looking for like-minded individuals to join us.

  • Inventor Mentality

    Challenge convention, question the norm, and design a new paradigm.

  • Building Together

    Collaborate with world-class teammates.

  • Exploring the Frontier

    Venture into uncharted territory.

  • Hitting the Mark

    Bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds.

Define a New Path

Creativity is at our core. If we want to truly revolutionize the ways in which people interact with the world, it is going to take a significantly different approach to solving problems. At PsiKick, every idea deserves the chance to grow. We value the intellectual rigor that accompanies the process of distilling innovative solutions and putting them into practice.

Who We Are

We seek individuals who crave a challenge—individuals who thrive on uncertainty and are inspired by the rare opportunity to turn a paradigm on its head.  More importantly, we seek individuals who flourish as members of diverse and multifaceted teams—individuals who succeed through constant collaboration with colleagues.

PsiKick’s talented employees are its foundation and we value our people and their ideas above all else.  We are strong advocates of a healthy work-life balance and firmly believe that a fulfilling life outside of work is vital to the overall success of our employees, their families, and ultimately the communities of which they are a part.

Three Locations, One Team

Santa Clara

2348 Walsh Avenue
Santa Clara, California 95051

Ann Arbor

912 N. Main Street, Suite 210
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104


921 2nd Street SE
Charlottesville, Virginia 22902


  • RF

    Designing efficient radios for the IoT requires a new look at fundamental design principles. Our engineers are thinking about world-class energy efficiency, where standard design approaches no longer suffice. Come reinvent wireless with us.More Info

  • Software

    How do you build to scale when the foundation of the system must support trillions of nodes? We are looking for thinkers and doers who grasp the scale and complexity of the next wave of computing and are eager to build the software DNA of that world—all within the context of low-power, batteryless systems.More Info

  • Systems

    Fundamentally new hardware and software lead to novel approaches to system design. Our engineers are empowered to forge uncharted territory and create smart systems for a future that only we are capable of building.More Info

  • Digital

    Our teams work hand in hand to implement our digital designs and unique system architectures for the sub-threshold domain. These state-of-the-art methods will be the foundation of the future IoT and represent a paradigm shift in design mentality.More Info

  • Analog

    Designing energy efficient analog and mixed-signal circuits requires a deep understanding of system level usage. We leverage all of the available tools, new and old, to design best-in-class blocks that deliver cutting-edge functionality.More Info

  • We are actively hiring world-class talent to join our team.

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