Self-Powered Intelligence

PsiKick’s technology enables a world of truly pervasive sensing. Utilizing revolutionary ultra-low-power digital and RF circuit technologies from the Universities of Virginia and Michigan, PsiKick builds completely self-powered sensing systems that do not require batteries or maintenance, can be deployed nearly anywhere, and unlock new data streams that generate significant value for our customers.

PsiKick's System Building Block

Our technology combines all the necessary components for a robust sensing solution—so you don't have to

Energy Harvesting

Harvest energy from multiple ambient sources, including indoor and outdoor solar, thermal gradients, RF, vibration, and more. Store and manage energy for reliable operation across varying environmental conditions.

Flexible Sensor Hub

Interface with an array of sensors using on-board analog and digital front ends, data conversion, and amplifiers to create an extensible platform that can sense temperature, humidity, vibration, acceleration, and more.

Edge Computing

Integrated programmable processors allow on-board data processing to extract information locally for lower energy operation. Specialized, hardware-accelerated signal processing radically improves energy efficiency.

Ultra-Low-Power Radios

A mix of standards-compliant and proprietary integrated radios for energy efficient wireless communication that span broad data rate (up to Mbps) and communication range (km+) requirements.

Solving Complex Challenges
to Build End-to-End Systems

Through an easy-to-use cloud interface, our full-stack solutions
generate the actionable analytics that your business requires.

  • The Battery Problem

    A world of pervasive sensing simply cannot run on batteries. Even imagining 10-year battery lifetimes for sensor devices, a trillion-sensor world would require 275 million battery replacements per day. That level of maintenance is logistically and financially prohibitive. True ubiquitous sensing requires devices that can live off ambient energy.

  • Next-Generation Wireless Networks

    PsiKick’s wireless networks link a multitude of sensors into continuously connected, adaptable systems. Leveraging both proprietary hardware and novel networking concepts, PsiKick is able to achieve super low power levels without sacrificing latency, enabling always-on, yet batteryless, systems.

  • Self-Powered Sensing Solutions

    The extreme energy efficiency of PsiKick’s ultra-low-power circuits allows us to power our devices entirely from energy harvesting modalities, removing the constraints imposed on existing systems that require batteries for operation. This enables revolutionary advances in the physical size, lifetime, and scale of wireless sensing systems.

  • Always-On Analytics

    PsiKick's unique hardware and networking capabilities enable the acquisition of previously unattainable data, allowing us to deliver valuable operational insight. This newfound understanding paves the way for more informed decision-making that drives sustainable resource optimization.

What Do Self-Powered Systems Unlock?

The end of mandatory, costly battery replacements
Lower total cost
of ownership

Greater Operational Insights